Everything Lymphedema Conference

October 13, 2018

The first annual event for Everything Lymphedema in New Mexico was a huge success. The lobby was filled with resources and people meeting for the very first time. Speaks showed off new products and educational information. Connections and community developed with plans to expand development and outreach.

Lymphedema Conference: The host city for Everything Lymphedema was in Santa Fe, the capital city of New Mexico USA. Santa Fe is an ancient city well known for its stunning landscape, unique architecture, cuisine, heritage and history. As a destination to ‘The City Different’ we planned for free access to information, education and exposure everything lymphedema related.. Read more about Santa Fe from The U.S. News & World Travel Report.

  1. Tactile Medical/Flexitouch
  2. Active Life
  3. Juzo
  4. Sigvaris
  5. Inner Oceans, LLC.
  6. Del Norte Pharmacy
  7. Bender & Secular
  8. Jobst/BSN
  9. Compression Guru
  10. L & R – Lohmann & Rauscher
  11. LANA – Lymphology Assc. of North America & 
LAG – Lymphedema Advocacy Group
  12. Vein Center of NM (Albuquerque)
  13. Lymphedema Support Group (Albuquerque)
  14. CPI Vein (Albuquerque)
  15. Center for Venous Disease (Santa Fe)

Speakers (link)
Vendor Spotlights
Raffles Prizes
Compression Garments
Certified Compression Fitters
Pneumatic Pumps
Medical Practitioners
Certified Lymphatic Therapists
Dietary Information
Holistic Options

In 2019 we will offer CEU credits. If you would like to instruct, speak or volunteer please send us your information and topic by email to Deana Benjamin.