Best Places to Work

Opportunities abound in this 400 year old city of Santa Fe New Mexico. Job opportunities in Santa Fe attract people who are interested in deeply connecting with people in a profound and personal way while being close to nature. The city is rich in culture, diversity, the arts and outdoor activities.

In the field of lymphatics the opportunities are wide open and abundant. Here you’ll find opportunities to grow your career to any level in unlimited directions. There are genuine rewards and heart filling job satisfactions whether you have direct contact with patients or support people who do.

This is a place for you to make a difference in lives of the families and to be inspired.

Off-Road Adventures

Quite some time ago the city chose to make the skyline free of obstruction. From the city itself, the 360 degree view is fantastic. If you venture off-road you will find nature trails everywhere. Throughout the city there are bike trails, dog parks and hiking trails close by. For star gazers, the city has made it possible for residents to enjoy the stars by limiting the number of lights at night.

The Arts

When you live and work in Santa Fe the opportunity for entertainment is as diverse as the city. Internationally recognized for the number of galleries per capita as well as the Opera, you will also enjoy seasonal events such as the:

  • Upcycle Recycle show (24 years running)
  • The burning of Zozobra (50+ years)
  • Santa Fe Fiestas
  • Indian and Spanish Festivals
  • The Film Industry
  • and much more

Foodies, we have the best chefs and restaurants

Santa Fe is listed as the #2 most unique place to visit in the United States by travel magazines. One of the top reasons happens to be the food. The history is rooted in the native american culture and spanish colonization. Nowhere will you experience the blend of flavors and celebration of red and green chile.