Currently seeking volunteers to help with fundraising,  networking, and assisting with upcoming events. Please  send us an email through the contact option in the main  menu if you are interested in helping support this important  cause. Any level of support is welcomed and appreciated.

  We are pleased to welcome a new Board of Directors:                                  Deana Benjamin, President                                                                                    Lisa Lucas, Treasurer                                                                                                Aja Riggs, Secretary                                                                                                Erica Peters, Board Member


A person can be born with Lymphedema, abnormal lymph drainage, or can have fluid build up in parts of the body due to surgery, trauma, radiation, or medicines. The cause of primary (genetic) lymphedema is not known. Secondary lymphedema can occur after damage to a person’s body. There is an estimated 202,248 (est 2017) population with Lymphedema and Lipedema combined in New Mexico.


Helping people, families and communities thrive with Lymphatic conditions, build a resources, raise awareness, offer screening and support research for a cure.



In 2014 Deana Benjamin, a physical therapist with CSV Sports Medicine, diagnosed one of her patients with Lymphedema and Lipedema. This patient was Stephanie West, who together with Deana Benjamin launched a campaign to build community and resources for people suffering in New Mexico. The website launched in January 2018 with overwhelming response. Today, the organization is officially a 501(c) 3 Charity.

Any Age, Gender, Race

Can be born with abnormalities in the lymphatic system or acquire lymphedema.  Surgery, trauma, radiation or infection can compromise a lymphatic system.

10 Million

More people suffer from Lymphedema in the USA than MS, ALS, AIDS & Parkinson’s COMBINED

Breast Cancer Survivors

Around 42% of breast cancer survivors will develop Lymphedema

The Everything Lymphedema Conference on October 12th 2019

150 attendees, 19 vendors, 7 expert speakers, Q&A’s, 5 fashion models, healthy lunches and 15 raffle giveaways.

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